An allegation of driving under the influence—or DUI—is one of the most common causes of arrests in Toledo. The police aggressively pursue drunken drivers to the point that many innocent people are also targeted. In some cases, the police will make arrests despite the lack of evidence that the driver is influenced by substances like drugs or alcohol.

If you face DUI charges, let a skilled criminal defense attorney help you fight for your freedom. You have the right to defend yourself and many people beat these charges every year. Before you consider a plea bargain or take on your defense alone, let a Toledo DUI lawyer advise you of your options.

DUI Laws in Toledo

Like all jurisdictions, it is unlawful to drive while intoxicated in Toledo. The state laws that govern this offense apply criminal penalties to anyone that operates a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) equal to or greater than .08.

A finding of a BAC of .08 or above is not the only way to face prosecution for DUI. In fact, a person could be arrested if their BAC is below .08. Many arrests occur when the driver refuses to provide a breath sample at all. In these cases, there must be additional evidence that a person was intoxicated, which could include admissions of alcohol or drug use as well as signs of erratic driving.

The penalties for a DUI can vary. While a first-time DUI offender could face up to six months in jail, many people avoid incarceration entirely. That is not always possible when other factors are present, including when injuries are involved or when the driver’s BAC is high.

Repeat offenders could face steep penalties upon conviction. The fines and minimum jail terms increase with each offense as does the length of the license suspension period. A Toledo DUI attorney could help a defendant potentially avoid these harsh penalties.

Favorable Outcomes in a DUI Case

There are different ways to resolve a DUI case favorably in Toledo. The ultimate goal is to avoid a conviction entirely and doing so could be possible with the help of a Toledo DUI attorney.

There are two ways to avoid a DUI conviction. The first and most preferable involves having the charges dropped by the State. Prosecutors are unlikely to dismiss DUI cases but they frequently do it when it is clear that there is not enough evidence for a conviction.

Even if the state decides to go forward with a trial, a conviction is never guaranteed. DUIs are defensible, meaning that it could be possible to secure an acquittal at trial. By winning at trial, the accused will avoid any of the consequences like jail time or fines that come with a conviction.

There are also times when a conviction might be difficult to avoid. An attorney is invaluable in these cases as it could be possible to minimize the effects of the conviction. This could include avoiding jail time, reducing the severity of the offense, and limiting the amount of monetary fines issued.

Contact a Toledo DUI Attorney Right Away

Any delay in contacting legal counsel could work against you following a DUI arrest. Prosecutors will aggressively pursue the charges against you, so you could benefit your case by ensuring your attorney gets started immediately. Let a Toledo DUI lawyer help you build the strongest defense available. Reach out today to learn more about the services we provide.