A DUI arrest not only  has the potential to lead to jail time and steep fines, but you may also lose your  driving privileges. The time following an arrest can leave you anxious and unsure of the best way to fight for your freedom and the right to use your vehicle for transportation.

Our hard-working attorneys are seasoned in Toledo DUI driver’s license suspension cases and can go over all your options and advocate on your behalf for the best outcome. Call today to schedule a consultation when you need help to avoid losing your license after DUI charges or an arrest.

Losing Driving Privileges After a DUI

When a driver is convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) or operating a vehicle impaired (OVI), Ohio courts must impose a mandatory license suspension on the individual. If the person has previous DUI/OVI convictions, the suspension will typically be longer for each subsequent offense. Timelines include:

  • One to three years for a first-time DUI conviction
  • One to seven years for a second conviction within a ten-year period
  • One to twelve years for a third offense
  • Suspension of 3 years to life for a felony DUI

A driver’s license suspension can create many obstacles in an individual’s life. Fortunately, there are options for a license with restrictions or to keep the license altogether. When someone faces a Toledo DUI driver’s license suspension, they should consider talking to our team to learn more about their options for getting the case dismissed or reduced to a lesser offense.

Suspension and Reinstatement Procedures

Per the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Toledo drivers with a DUI/OVI license suspension must meet the reinstatement requirements depending on which category they fall within.

First Offense OVI/DUI Charge

A person with a first-time OVI arrest will fall within this category. Requirements to reinstate the driver’s license include serving any required jail time, completing the sentence of suspension, paying all fines, and providing proof of insurance.

Administrative License Suspension

Administrative license suspensions (ALS) are distinguishable from court-imposed suspensions in a DUI case due to being imposed whether or not the driver is convicted of the DUI charge. An ALS occurs at the time of being pulled over. Individuals who refuse alcohol testing will also fall within this group. The law allows motorists to appeal the suspension in a separate civil proceeding in certain circumstances. Otherwise, to reinstate the driver’s license, the individual must complete suspension requirements, pay outstanding fines, and provide proof of insurance.

Physical Control Suspension

A physical control license suspension takes place when officers arrest a person for an OVI even when they are not actively driving a vehicle. It can occur when they are sitting behind the wheel or have just reached a destination. To reinstate the license, the driver must complete the terms of the suspension and penalties, pay outstanding fees, and provide proof of insurance coverage.

Operating a Vehicle after Underage Consumption Suspension

When drivers under the legal drinking age receive an OVI conviction, they fall within this category. For license reinstatement, they must serve the six-month suspension period, complete a juvenile driving course, pay fines, and provide proof of insurance coverage.

Multiple DUI/OVI Convictions

A person with three or more OVI convictions within  ten years falls within the habitual offender category. For license reinstatement, they must complete a treatment program, prove a minimum of six months of sobriety, and submit an Alcohol/Drug Reinstatement form.

Speak with Our Attorneys About DUI Driver’s License Suspension in Toledo

The potential to lose your right to drive can impact your life in many ways. Fortunately, our hard-working attorneys understand the laws surrounding a Toledo DUI driver’s license suspension and can help determine the best course of action in your circumstance. This may include avoiding the suspension altogether or communicating with the State to advocate for a license with restrictions. Contact our firm to begin reviewing the details of your case.