The penalties and consequences of each subsequent DUI or OVI charge in Ohio increase in severity, and a third arrest and subsequent conviction could have lasting adverse repercussions. When you face conviction for the third time for driving under the influence, you must begin preparing your defense immediately.

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Penalties for a Third-Time DUI Charge

Any drunk driving arrest is serious and has the potential for severe penalties. However, a third DUI arrest is much harsher than a first or second conviction. In many instances, the judge may assume a person is not taking matters seriously. The penalties for a third DUI or OVI arrest in Toledo will depend on the circumstances of the arrest or charges.

In most instances, the criminal statute breaks penalties into two categories depending on the driver’s blood alcohol concentration or BAC. Some of the potential penalties for a third DUI conviction include the following:

  • Minimum sentence of 30 days in jail with a maximum of one year in jail
  • Driver’s license suspension of up to 12 years with a minimum suspension of two years
  • Steep court costs and fines
  • Mandated substance abuse rehabilitation program

It is important to note that there may also be minimum penalties for a third OVI offense that the judge will impose in addition to the penalties listed above. After reviewing the case, our trusted attorneys can answer specific questions about a third-time DUI arrest and the potential penalties.

Administrative Driver’s License Suspensions and DUIs

If a police officer stops a motorist suspected of a DUI and the driver’s BAC exceeds 0.08 percent, they will take their driver’s license. That means the driver loses their driver’s license on the spot and will not regain it until they receive notice from The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Another way to lose a driver’s license is by refusing to submit to chemical testing.

Ohio’s Implied Consent Law

It is common for drivers with previous DUI arrests to refuse to submit to DUI testing after a stop to avoid an arrest and subsequent OVI conviction. However, there is an implied consent law to be mindful of before refusing to submit to testing. Implied consent means that by driving on the roadways, motorists automatically consent to submit to a chemical test if an officer suspects they are driving while intoxicated.

According to the Ohio Revised Code § 4511.191, failing to adhere to implied consent after a traffic stop could mean facing severe consequences and other OVI penalties. A driver with a suspended license for failing to adhere to the implied consent law can appeal the suspension with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

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DUI charges or arrests and their aftermaths can be stressful experiences. This is especially true for a third-time charge, as the penalties can be much more severe. However, working with a skilled member of our team can provide the best chance for a positive outcome in your case.

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