It is not always easy to interpret documents that are delivered from a local court. Understanding when you have to appear in court and when you do not, for example, can leave your schedule entirely disorganized. Unfortunately, Ohio courts do not always appreciate how the complexities of their system can lead to error. Thus, you may find yourself contending with failure to appear charges when you were unaware that you had to appear at all. This applies not only to defendants but to witnesses as well.

Fortunately, there are ways to effectively contend with these charges. Whether you are already participating in a criminal case or you have a new one brought against you, you can bring your situation to a seasoned criminal defense attorney. A Toledo failure to appear lawyer could challenge these charges in court and help you avoid unnecessary consequences.

What is a Failure to Appear Charge?

Failure to appear charges are a consequence that a court applies to individuals who are unable to, or choose not to, attend essential hearings. These charges usually compound a person’s criminal fines and jail time, meaning that those who cannot get the charges dismissed will face consequences for their alleged behavior that is more severe than it might have been otherwise.

The state of Ohio also refers to those individuals who miss essential court dates as “bail jumpers.” Defendants who originally paid bail to avoid jail time during a court case will not receive that bail at the conclusion of their case, no matter what conclusion the court comes to.

Consequences for Failing to Appear

According to Ohio Revised Code § 2935.11, individuals accused of failing to appear before a court may be found guilty of contempt of court, and will be charged 20 dollars for their absence. That said, only those who are accused of criminal behavior will have a warrant put out for their arrest. A failure to appear attorney in Toledo could offer counsel to people to avoid these burdens.

Exceptions to the Failure to Appear Charge

Ohio law does not include exemptions or excuses that might make it easier for a person to avoid being charged with a failure to appear. There are, however, ways that a person can alert a court to scheduling conflicts or other limitations that might prevent them from making it to a specific court date.

Witnesses who have been subpoenaed but who are unable to make a specific court date need to call the lawyer who subpoenaed them to reschedule their appearance. Defendants and other parties who have an attorney representing them must do the same. These parties can often work with a representative to have someone else stand in for them in court if the hearing cannot be rescheduled.

How to Challenge a Failure to Appear Charge

It is not in a person’s best interest to continue avoiding the court after missing a hearing. In Toledo, law enforcement will release a warrant for the missing person’s arrest, meaning that they could further compound their criminal consequences if they continue to not show up.

Fortunately, a Toledo failure to appear attorney could intervene in this process. While attorneys cannot have a person’s warrant dismissed, they could make it easier for someone who has missed a court date to turn themselves in. This process tends to have fewer consequences than an individually-guided surrender, meaning that the person may return to their case without facing additional losses.

Meet with a Toledo Failure to Appear Attorney Today

If you are already facing criminal charges in another case, you will want to bring failure to appear charges to your attorney as soon as possible. You need to address these charges to avoid imprisonment, fines, and other immediate consequences. Even if you are not part of an active criminal case, failure to appear demands immediate action.

Fortunately, a Toledo failure to appear lawyer could work quickly. When you schedule your initial consultation, you can discuss the reasons failure to appear charges were brought against you and how to address them without incurring additional fines.