There are certain laws that give you the right to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your property. Unfortunately, those laws can often fluctuate from state to state. If you discharge a gun without understanding the gun laws in an area like Ohio, you risk facing serious legal consequences for your actions.

You do not have to try and interpret area gun law alone, especially not when you find yourself facing criminal charges. Instead, you can collaborate with a Toledo gun lawyer. During an initial consultation with a tenacious criminal defense attorney, you can discuss the circumstances that led to your charges and how best to present your side of the story to a local court.

What Do Gun Charges Mean?

Ohio is an open-carry state. This means that as long as a person is over the age of 18 and has a gun permit, they have the right to carry and conceal a licensed firearm to most institutions throughout the state. There are some restrictions placed on this right, as well as restrictions placed on when an individual may legally discharge the weapon that they are carrying.

A person will face gun charges if they are accused of discharging or otherwise bringing their weapon into an environment in which discharging or possessing a weapon is prohibited. A person might also face gun charges if they are accused of carrying or operating a gun without an appropriate license. Regardless of the circumstance, a firearm violation lawyer in Toledo could offer counsel on how to rebut these charges.

What Are Toledo’s Gun Laws?

According to Section 2923.12 of Ohio Revised Code, residents are not permitted to bring firearms into the following locations, regardless of whether or not they happen to have a concealed carry license:

  • Police stations
  • Correctional institutions
  • Courthouses
  • School zones
  • Places of worship
  • Any institution that serves liquor (but not beer or wine)
  • Mental institutions

Ohio residents are also prohibited from using a firearm while intoxicated. Residents may face criminal gun charges if they are found to be intoxicated with a gun, or with a gun improperly stored somewhere in their vehicle. Ohio Code § 2923.162 elaborates on the circumstances in which a person may face criminal gun charges, citing additional locations and conditions that could see someone fined or jailed. A trusted Toledo attorney can help someone understand their legal rights when it comes to guns.

Benefits of an Attorney

Should a person find themselves accused of the inappropriate use or care of a firearm, they could face criminal gun charges. The fines and jail time associated with these charges will vary based on a person’s criminal history. At most, a first-degree felony – often involving wrongful or premeditated death – will see a person imprisoned for 11 years and facing fines of up to $20,000.

A Toledo gun attorney could help an accused individual construct a solid defense of their actions. If successful, their charges could be reduced or perhaps even dismissed entirely. Throughout this process, an attorney could ensure that the accused has access to the witnesses and legal interpretation that will serve them well in front of a judge.

Defend Against Undue Charges with a Toledo Gun Attorney

When it comes to questions of gun safety and a person’s right to bear arms, you will want a good lawyer defending your position. If you find yourself contending with a gun charge, our local firm is ready to help you. Our Toledo gun lawyers could help you break down the charges brought against you and challenge them in a court of law. You can schedule a legal consultation with us by filling out a form or placing a call.