Charges that allege murder are the most serious and carry the potential for life in prison. However, just because someone takes an action that resulted in another person being killed, does not mean it falls under the category of murder. In addition, some intentional killings are justified in defense of oneself or others. These fundamental ideas form the basis of  defenses against murder charges in the Toledo area.

If you  are the target of a homicide investigation, you should contact a Toledo murder lawyer as soon as possible. They can work tirelessly to explain the law, uncover the truth about what happened, and make compelling arguments in court that help attain the best possible legal outcome. Call Groth & Associates as soon as possible to get started.

What Kind of Death Constitutes Murder?

The law makes a strict distinction between a death resulting from an intentional act and those which are simply the consequence of a person’s  careless decision. This is the crucial difference between murder and other forms of homicide. Arguing this distinction can make a vital difference in many criminal prosecutions and trials. Ohio Revised Code § 2903.02 provides two definitions of murder. The State may pursue a charge of this type if a defendant is alleged to have:

  • Purposely caused the death of another or caused an unlawful end to another’s pregnancy
  • Committed a felony of the first or second degree that causes another person to die

A determined Toledo homicide attorney is ready to offer a potent defense in court to protect the accused individual’s rights and fight back against accusations of wrongdoing. These defenses may argue that a defendant was only involved as a means of self-defense from an attacker or intruder. They could also argue essential points of the law that aim to exclude key government evidence such as a supposed confession or eyewitness account.

Possible Penalties of a Murder Conviction

All convictions resulting from causing another person’s death are serious matters. As applied to a core murder charge, OH Rev. Code § 2929.02 states a conviction must bring a minimum prison term of 15 years. However, a judge in the case has the authority to issue a life sentence. Additional factors such as the alleged victim’s age, or if a defendant was  allegedly motivated by sex, may increase the mandatory minimum sentence.

Even more concerning are allegations of aggravated murder, which, under OH Rev. Code § 2903.01, describes situations where the defendant allegedly preplanned an attack that ended in death. Aggravated homicide may also include cases where the alleged victim was a police officer on duty or a child under 13 years of age. In these circumstances, a conviction must result in a life sentence but may also include the death penalty. A trustworthy murder defense attorney in Toledo is ready to explain the potential consequences of a conviction and why presenting a defense is so critical.

Retain the Services of a Toledo Murder Attorney to Protect Your Freedom

The most concerning allegations that a person can face are those that accuse them of causing the death of another person. Do not delay seeking legal representation if you are currently facing charges or an arrest due to a suspected homicide offense.

A skilled Toledo murder lawyer understands what is at stake and is ready to fight for you and work to defend your rights every step of the way. Speak with the qualified team at Groth & Associates today to schedule a consultation.