Perjury charges, due to the act of obscuring evidence or lying in a court of law, carry serious legal consequences. If you find yourself facing perjury charges, either in your own active case or in someone else’s, you may face jail time and fines. The art of proving perjury is a tricky thing. Because legal diction is as complicated as it is, someone in a courtroom could claim that you have committed perjury when, in fact, you worked within the rules as best as you were able to.

Because of these complications, it is best to retain the services of a Toledo perjury lawyer. If you want to get out ahead of your case and produce a strong defense, you can turn to a skilled criminal defense attorney for guidance.

Understanding Toledo’s Perjury Laws

Ohio Revised Code ยง 2921.11 states that people who find themselves brought before a court of law while accused, accusing, or offering statements on a case must offer statements as truthfully as possible. Those who knowingly stretch the truth, lie, or otherwise strive to obscure a case’s evidence can face fines and prison time.

More specifically, as a Toledo attorney can attest, perjury constitutes a felony of the third degree. A person who is already facing criminal accusations can have the consequences of perjury added to their other punishments, though only if they are convicted. Accusations of perjury can even transform an otherwise uninvolved witness into someone with a criminal record.

What Do Perjury Charges Mean For a Case?

A person accused of perjury has the credibility of their previous statements brought into question before a court of law. These accusations can make it more difficult for a person to fight for their freedom or could throw doubt onto someone else’s criminal case.

What is more, perjury accusations come with their own set of consequences. Individuals convicted on perjury charges may face up to 36 months in prison alongside fines of a maximum of $10,000. Parties solely accused of perjury will have their potential consequences capped there, provided that their alleged breach of contract has not been especially severe. However, people who have accusations of perjury added to a larger list of charges may see the aforementioned consequences compound with those that they are already facing. A Toledo attorney can explain in further detail what perjury charges man in a particular circumstance.

Building a Perjury Defense

It is not uncommon for prosecutors or other parties to bring up accusations of perjury if they feel they are on the losing end of a case. These individuals might also choose to pursue accusations of perjury if they believe that a court’s decision on a previous case was unjust or unaligned with their interests. A Toledo false statements attorney could help someone overcome these accusations.

However, attorneys must also strive to verify the statements made by the defendant or otherwise risk losing the case. As long as the defense introduces reasonable doubt into a case, then the accused has a chance of avoiding a conviction.

Rely on a Toledo Perjury Attorney for Your Criminal Defense

Perjury charges require one party to provide rock solid evidence of your alleged lies before a court. Anyone could bring these charges forward, whether they did not approve of the way a court case resolved or they want to punish you for other personal reasons.

Fortunately, you have your own tools to fight back. If you find yourself contending with perjury charges, either on their own or in tandem with another criminal case, call a Toledo perjury lawyer. We could craft a defense in response to those charges and help you reduce or eliminate the fines, jail time, and other consequences you may be facing.