Courts and law enforcement in Toledo take the investigations and prosecutions of alleged sex crimes seriously and consider these offenses to be among the most shocking in the criminal justice system. For this reason, it is crucial to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney with working knowledge of the courts who will handle your case with personalized attention to detail.

A Toledo sex crimes lawyer can work with you to address your questions and provide legal guidance that helps protect your rights and freedoms. They will sit with you to hear your side of the story, examine the prosecutor’s case for weaknesses, and form a thorough defense to fit your unique circumstances. Contact Groth & Associates today to schedule your initial consultation.

What is a Sex Crime?

When people think of sex crimes, their definitions might include sexual assault, indecent exposure, or prostitution. While these certainly meet the criteria, the complete list of activities in Toledo that constitute a sexual offense is much more expansive. Some of the other examples of alleged sex crimes include:

The most extreme example of a sex offense is rape. Under Ohio Revised Code § 2907.02, rape involves sexual conduct with another person when that person does not or cannot provide their consent. This lack of consent may be due to a person’s incapacity, fear of harm, or age. A qualified Toledo sex crimes attorney can explain the laws that govern these cases and begin forming a strategy to defend the accused against these severe allegations.

Potential Penalties of a Sexual Offense Conviction

The potential charges for sex crimes in Toledo range from misdemeanors to felonies with most penalties including at least some time spent behind bars. Sentencing will often depend on several factors, including previous criminal record, whether the alleged crime has been committed before, the age of the plaintiff, and if violence or the threat of harm was involved. Two examples of potential penalties include:

  • Misdemeanor in the fourth degree: These crimes carry a maximum jail term of 30 days, a fine of up to $250, or both, for a first offense.
  • Felony in the first degree: These are the most severe allegations under state law. Convictions under the rape statute, for instance, bring mandatory  prison time.  Other  conditions can bring a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

A competent Toledo attorney with experience handling allegations of sexual offenses can investigate the details of a specific scenario and gather the evidence needed to build a strong defense. Their goal is to fight for the rights of the accused and pursue the best possible legal outcome given the circumstance.

Speak with a Toledo Sex Crimes Attorney to Defend Your Reputation

Being under investigation  for a crime is a stressful and serious matter. These feelings can intensify when the accusations are sexual in nature. Even before entering the courts, the public may draw conclusions about a person’s guilt. When it comes to defending an individual’s innocence and reputation, a hard-working and dynamic attorney is the best option.

If you are being accused of committing a sexual offense, contact a persistent Toledo sex crimes lawyer today to find out how they could help defend your reputation in court.