Students at Toledo schools and universities are bound by two different codes of conduct. Not only are students expected to uphold the rules established by their institutions of choice, but they are also expected to abide by state and federal law.

Unfortunately, there is always the possibility of making mistakes, either by unknowingly breaking local law or by behaving recklessly on campus. Those mistakes do not have to impact the rest of your life, however. If you are a student facing a court case or investigatory hearing based on the violation of state or school rules, or you are the parent of a student, call a Toledo student defense lawyer. A professional defense attorney could support you throughout the legal process while fighting on your behalf.

Student Misconduct in Ohio

Toledo defines student misconduct in Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 3344-21. This policy states that student misconduct includes academic dishonesty, which extends to:

  • Cheating
  • Fabrication
  • Plagiarism
  • Misrepresentation of facts

Misconduct can also include instances where a student breaks the law. Students charged with sexual assault, theft from a school’s grounds, or another crime may also find themselves contending with misconduct charges. A student defense attorney in Toledo could help someone with any type of violation.

How to React to Accusations of Misconduct

Accusations of misconduct can highlight a variety of behaviors, as noted above. Students who face accusations of misconduct will want to better understand the charges brought against them before determining how to proceed. With that in mind, these students and their families can do several things to prepare.

Understand a School’s Disciplinary Process

If a student has legal charges brought against them based on behavior exhibited on a school’s campus, then it is likely that the school believes the student has violated its code of conduct. Students should check in with advisors or school representatives to determine whether or not they are facing legal charges on top of academic ones.

Students who do find themselves contending with accusations on two fronts need to break down how this impacts their academic careers. Most schools, secondary and otherwise, recommend sanctions that range from a verbal warning to expulsion.

Schedule a Consultation with an Attorney

Once students know what kind of charges they are facing, then it is time to reach out to an attorney. A Toledo student misconduct lawyer could help students and parents understand both the academic and legal consequences of the charges. In turn, they could formulate a response to any summons that the student might have already received. If misconduct involves Title IX offenses or anything dictated in a student handbook, it will go before an investigatory committee, which is not a criminal matter. However, if a violation rises to the level of a crime, it could enter the courtroom.

Prepare for a Day in Court

If a student receives a summons, then it is likely that they will have to appear in court, and they should defer to an attorney to manage communications with the opposition. Although mediation remains a possibility in order to keep any misconduct out of the public eye, there are circumstances in which mediation will not work. In these cases, students should gather witnesses and allow their attorney to help them draft a definitive response to the charges that they may face.

Lawyers who see a student’s case through to court can fight to reduce or eliminate the charges brought against them. Students should have frank discussions with their representation ahead of time to determine what their collective end goal looks like.

Let a Toledo Student Defense Attorney Protect Your Best Interests

Young people tend to make mistakes, but there are certain situations where a mistake could have far-reaching effects on your life and career. If you or a student in your life is facing charges of academic, professional, or sexual misconduct, you do not have to deal with this alone. Allow a Toledo student defense lawyer to manage your situation.

We could walk you through your rights as a student, break down the differences between your school’s code of conduct and local law, and ensure that your reputation is not affected. For more information on student defense in misconduct cases, schedule a legal consultation with us today.