Theft of any type is a criminal offense that carries legal penalties and many other negative consequences. A guilty conviction could mean fines, the potential for jail time, and a mark on your permanent criminal record.

A theft conviction will also make it harder to find new employment or pass any background check you submit for the rest of your life. If you face theft charges or are under investigation, a hard-working defense attorney can help you navigate the criminal court process and defend your rights. Contact our firm today to schedule a meeting with a skilled Toledo theft lawyer if you need help after being arrested or charged.

The Most Common Theft Offenses

Theft charges can result from a wide range of circumstances. Most often, they involve taking property without the owner’s consent or knowledge or using the property for purposes other than what the owner intended. The most severe penalties include cases that involve taking property with the use of threats, force, or intimidation. Residents in Ohio most commonly face theft convictions for:

The severity of theft charges a person faces will depend on many factors, such as the value of the property and the other person involved. Penalties will also be significantly harsher if the state accuses the individual of using a weapon during the incident. It is always a sound decision to get advice from our Toledo theft attorneys when facing these severe and potentially life-altering charges.

Petty and Felony Theft Criminal Code in Toledo

Any person who takes another person’s or entity’s property without their knowledge, permission, or by use of force and intends to keep it commits theft. According to the guidance of the Ohio Revised Code § 2913.02, the state divides the crime of theft into two primary categories.

Petty Theft

The law defines petty theft as taking property with a value of up to $1,000, which carries the potential for a misdemeanor conviction. Those guilty of petty theft face up to 180 days in jail and fines of up to $1,000.

Felony Theft

A person who takes property valued at more than $1,000 is guilty of felony theft. Depending on the total value of the property, this could mean a felony in the fifth, fourth, third, second, or first degree. A first-degree felony theft conviction carries the steepest penalties. Sentences could include up to 11 years in prison with fines of up to $20,000. The judge will consider the cause, the person filing charges, and the property’s value.

A Theft attorney at our firm in Toledo can review the details surrounding an arrest or accusation and answer questions on potential outcomes and the best course of action for defense.

Schedule a Consultation with a Toledo Theft Attorney for Trusted Guidance

If you face a conviction for theft, you must begin strategizing your defense immediately. Careful preparation is the most effective way to reach the best possible legal outcome in your criminal case.

Ignoring the charges or waiting until the last minute to secure legal counsel could mean receiving a conviction on your permanent criminal record, steep fines, and even prison time. Our experienced Toledo theft lawyers can thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your case to help defend your rights inside and outside of the courtroom. Reach out to our firm today to schedule a consultation.