While many people may consider shoplifting a minor offense, the law takes theft charges extremely seriously and a conviction could change your life forever. Finding the proper legal assistance to guide you through each case phase is vital to fighting such allegations and seeking the most favorable resolution possible.

When you are arrested or charged with shoplifting, working with an experienced Toledo shoplifting lawyer with an extensive background in handling such matters is essential. Contact Groth & Associates Attorneys at Law today. Our talented theft attorneys can answer your questions and help you build the most efficient defense strategy for your case.

Penalties for Shoplifting in Toledo

The penalties for shoplifting vary widely depending on the value of the goods allegedly stolen. While a conviction for shoplifting could involve a misdemeanor and associated penalties, many shoplifting charges can rise to the ranks of a felony. Although a conviction for a crime of any kind can have a series of ramifications on the life of the accused over the long term, being charged and convicted of a felony is an altogether more serious matter. For example, a felony conviction can impact a person’s ability to participate in everyday aspects of life, such as voting, applying for specific jobs, obtaining financial aid, or even retaining custody of their children.

For alleged shoplifting violations involving an item or items with a value below $1,000, the charge would be classified as a first-degree misdemeanor. The maximum penalty is generally six months in jail, a fine of no greater than $1,000, or both. As the value of the item or items allegedly stolen increases, so do the charges and prospective penalties, which can range as high as a first-degree felony.

A first-degree felony offense is punishable by up to  11 years in prison and potentially thousands of dollars in fines. Any shoplifting charge should be dealt with swiftly and with the assistance of an accomplished Toledo attorney with a wide range of experience in these legal matters.

Potential Defenses Against a Shoplifting Charge

A shoplifting attorney in Toledo can wield a range of potential defenses based on the elements surrounding the allegation. It is critical to know what evidence the prosecutor has, such as a surveillance video or an admission of guilt. Some individuals panic and admit to having taken an item, which makes building a defense harder.

In some scenarios,  you may deny you stole anything, especially if the police or the store owner do not find the item on you. In other instances, a case of mistaken identity may lead to the accused being charged with shoplifting. Sometimes, it may be possible to disprove the prosecution’s case by establishing that the intention to commit the alleged offense was lacking and that an individual removed an item from the store unintentionally or unknowingly. For example, they may have walked out with something that fell into their purse or that their child grabbed when they were not looking.

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